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The Care Navigation team works with adults over 18 with health and social care needs.

We give information and advice to you and your carer, whether or not you are eligable for support. you can request a Care Navigator at the earliest stage in your journey to help prevent you or your carer's needs from increasing.

We will wor with you to increase your independance by giving you choice and control and enabling you to make decisions. We can look at creative ways to meet your needs and allow you to find support.

Care Navigators

  • Work in specific locations across kirklees and have a wealth of knowledge of the local areas.

  • Have a wide knowledge of groups, organisations, suppliers and services in your local area to share with you.

  • Have experience of using direct payments and enabling you to think differently about how you recieve your care.

  • Enable you to develop a package of support that is right for you.

  • Build support packages which are tailored to you so that you can be innovative to achieve your outcomes whilst still receiving the support you need.

  • When you have an assessment and indicative budget awarded from the council a Care Navigator will work with you to decide how you would like your support to be delivered.

  • will put you in touch with alternative support if you decide not to have an assessment.


When putting together your package of support, we will work with YOU, organisations and suppliers, and use community resources... anything that is relevant to provide outcomes to meet your needs.

We want to help you to help yourself- to support you to get to where you want to be. A Care Navigator will help you find the outcomes you want to achieve to develp your support package.

Visit our Website to look at some of the ways people have been using their personal budgets and how they have achieved their outcomes with support from the Care Navigation team:

Tel: 01484 414933





Support to Recovery is a local Mental Health Charity that has provided a range of services to the people of Kirklees for over twenty years.


Commonly abbreviated to 'S2R',  we have developed a reputation for diverse, inventive responses to the changing outlook of mental health service delivery.


By working in collaboration with people who are affected by emotional distress, we have developed a package of options and opportunities so individuals can design their own pathway to positive mental health, physical and spiritual well-being. Thus people are able to achieve personal outcomes, fulfilment, long term aspirations and recovery.


Support to Recovery recognises personal individuality, choice and abilities. By introducing different engaging elements and themes of involvement, individuals are in control of their participation, and can plan and set their own goals and outcomes.


Brook Street




Tel: 01484 539 531



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