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This page has been put together especially for children and young people like you!

It is important that you feel safe at home, at school and when you are out in your local area.

If you feel you are being treated in a way that makes you feel scared or unsafe then you may want to talk to someone about it.

You may wish to talk to a member of your family or a friend.  If it is a member of your family or a close family friend who is worrying you, try talking to another adult you can trust, perhaps someone like a teacher or a nurse at your school.  They will support you and help you to get the advice you need.

If you are not able to do any of those things you can ring the local Children's Services Department and tell them what you are worried about.  They will be able to support you and talk through what can be done to help sort things out. 

You may want to ring a helpline for children such as Childline or the NSPCC and talk to someone there.  The numbers you may need are listed below.

Children and Families Duty and Assessment Service (Kirklees Council)

01484 456848

8.45 - 5.15

Out of Hours Service (Kirklees Council)

01484 414933



Bank Holidays


0800 1111

24 hours

NSPCC Child Protection Helpline

0808 800 5000

24 hours

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to the Kids Zone Website

You may want to visit Kids Zone (NSPCC) which is a website that will give you more information about any difficulties you may be experiencing and give you good advice on what you could do.

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