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Staying safe online...

The internet is a great place to chat to friends and share photos, but the internet can be dangerous and people are not always who they seem to be. Sometimes you may not know exactly who you are chatting to and sometimes you may be sent things by email or on your phone that really upset you. 

If you feel uncomfortable or sense that something is wrong tell an adult you trust, or report abuse at the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre.  You may like to talk to someone at Childline - their freephone number is 0800 1111.

Websites that give advice about using the internet safely include:

What happens when texting goes wrong...

Information booklet (Click here) and Helpline contacts for when texting goes wrong.

Sexting - Think Before You Send....


Think before you send…

If you share an image of yourself online by photo, text or video, via your phone, tablet or computer always think first, “would I be ok with anyone and everyone seeing this?”

Any image of yourself that you send, can and might be shared by the person you sent it to. Once you press send, it is no longer in your control.

Did you know?

Being involved in sending explicit pictures, where the person in the picture is under the age of 18, can be a criminal offence. This could lead to you getting into trouble with the police, affect your chances of getting a job and even limit the countries that you can travel to.

If someone is forcing you to send an inappropriate image of yourself you should report them to the Police by calling 101.

Download ChildLine's free Zipit app for loads of great comebacks if someone's trying to get you to send them a sexual image.

 Before you share a photo of yourself always think:

“Would I be ok with anyone and everyone seeing this?”

Don’t send anything you wouldn’t want your parents, teachers, friends or future employers to see.

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